Australian singer/songwriter Skii with her sultry, sassy voice has been likened to a cross between Tina Turner and Ella Fitzgerald. 


Skii is a life long singer/songwriter. She began her career huddled over an old upright piano squeezed into her mother’s small semi in Redfern, Sydney Australia, where their tiny porch had been converted into a makeshift bedroom. Like many artists she worked a couple of jobs by day and the gig circuit by night. 


Her voice has stopped the likes of Sting and Ricky May but it is her song writing that has brought her to the attention of the Billboard music awards, the UK songwriting awards, Best Song at the Australian Songwriter’s Association, Song of the Year and as a producer’s choice in the LA music awards.


"Uninvited" is the latest EP from Skii, following her 2017 Album “Standing for a Fall""This EP is about giving yourself permission to check out when necessary. Sometimes our mental health needs some TLC and it's ok to un-invite yourself from the world's pressures...”


Skii's previous releases "Don't Look Back", “Bound By History”, “Foolish Girl” and “Uncompromising” can all be found on Itunes.

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