Australian singer/songwriter Skii with her sultry, sassy voice has been likened to a cross between Tina Turner and Ella Fitzgerald. 


Skii is a life long singer/songwriter. She began her career huddled over an old upright piano squeezed into her mother’s small semi in Redfern, Sydney Australia, where their tiny porch had been converted into a makeshift bedroom. 


Her music has been recognised by Billboard Music Awards, the UK Songwriting Awards and she has been thrice awarded “Best Song” by the Australian Songwriter’s Association. She also received “Song of the Year” and “Producer’s Choice” at the LA Music Awards.


"Broken" is the latest album from Skii, following her 2020 Singles “So Cruel” and “Not In Control". Skii’s music is always personal and "Broken" takes you even deeper into her world. "The BROKEN album is a story of heart break and all the ways in which we try to put our hearts back together again. It journeys through the darkest moments to the light that breaks the fog.”


Skii's previous releases "Uninvited", "Standing for a Fall", "Don't Look Back", “Bound By History”, “Foolish Girl” and “Uncompromising” can all be found on Itunes. and Spotify.